Sunniva Holmås Eidsvoll

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“I started my career in Statkraft, to actively take part in solving the world's climate challenges.”

Why Statkraft?
I started my career at Statkraft, to actively take part in solving the world's climate challenges. The trainee program offered a unique opportunity to enter the energy sector right out of school. As a trainee, I could test out four different positions during the two-year program, and quickly realized that analytical tasks were my sweet spot.

What are you doing in your current role?

Now, I analyze the long term trends in the European energy sector, and how subsidies and policies affect supply and demand. We develop our own models and tools to conduct the analyses, and predict the future up to 30 years ahead, the only thing certain, is that we will be wrong. Large and possibly disruptive changes, with an increasing number of small-scale power plants and new battery technology, could turn the energy industry upside down. Therefore, we are working on developing solutions to handle the increasingly distributed production of energy.

What is the best part of working at Statkraft?

The best part of working at Statkraft, is my colleagues. We have a great working environment with highly competent and committed people. I really have to make an effort to keep up to date, and I am learning something new every day. Both in the trainee program and through project work, I have been able to work with challenges and people across different disciplines and departments. In addition, I have been given the opportunity to build further on my education, by taking courses at Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim.