Jessica Li prevents corruption in Statkraft.

As one of almost 300 applicants, Jessica Li got her trainee job in Statkraft's corporate finance division. Now you can follow in her footsteps.

She was born in China, grew up in the United States and now makes a career in the finance departments at the largest generator of pure energy in Europe, Statkraft. When she was about to finish her energy studies at the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen, she basically had the choice between oil and green energy.

The choice was green.
The last two years, Jessica has used her background in finance to calculate the profitability of wind power at Statkraft's London office. She has further developed performance indicators when based in Dusseldorf, and today she is involved in Statkraft's internal projects to reduce the risk of corruption within Statkraft’s organization.

A global company
As part of a department that reports to the CFO, she has been a first-hand witness to Stratkraft’s transition from a traditional power producer to an increasingly global company.
- It is challenging to enter several new markets simultaneously. We need to integrate multiple accounting principles and legal regulations with our existing systems.

Statkraft now has operations in more than 20 countries, and the goal is to become a world leader in clean energy.

Statkraft seeks trainee in procurement within the financial unit
Statkraft has now announced a trainee position within procurement. Whoever gets the job will be working with complex challenges and major renewable energy projects globally. The challenges are huge, and Jessica Li promises that the team welcomes new people with open arms.

- I think Statkraft is different compared to many other companies. All the people I have met are very attentive towards the trainees and they have time to help you. Statkraft consists of a great group of international people, she says. 

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