Justina Banyte

Portrait of Justina Banyte

Justina Banyte works at Financial Accounting, Reporting and Tax (in the CFO area).



BSc. in Economics and Business from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (SSE Riga), MSc. in Economics and Business Administration with specialization in Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Bergen. 

I worked as an analyst in Invest Lithuania on efficiency enhancement in state-owned enterprises. Also, I accomplished a traineeship in a Mandate Management Unit at the European Investment Fund in Luxembourg. During my MSc. studies I held a position as a business analyst/intern at Bergen Teknologioverføring (technology transfer office).

Which unit do you work in?
Financial Accounting, Reporting and Tax (in the CFO area).

How is your trainee plan (rotations)?
At the beginning I am part of the Accounting Center in the headquarters in Oslo. I will join one of the reporting units (most probably in London) during the next step. I will come back to the Financial Reporting department in Oslo for my third rotation. During the final one I should obtain more operational experience, and the place where this will happen will be decided in the future.

What attracted you to Statkraft?
I wanted to combine my interest in finance with the issues of energy and climate change. After obtaining MSc. degree I had no doubts that Statkraft is a great company to be part of. The arguments behind could be clustered into three words - renewable, global and leading.  In addition to this, the Graduate Trainee program offered an exciting platform to accomplish two goals (with many other positive side-effects). One is to get understanding of different markets and activities through rotations. Another is to discover oneself and the best fit within the company in the future.