Sara Baumgarten

Portrait of Sara Baumgarten

Sara Baumgarten works at Power Generation.



Master of Science in Energy and Environmental Engineering from Linköping University.

Summer intern at Iggesund Paperboard - 2013, 2011, 2010 & 2009. Summer intern at Linköping University - 2012. Laboratory engineer/assistant at Iggesund Paperboard - 2007-2008.

Which unit do you work in?
Power Generation.

How is your trainee plan (rotations)?
Operations & Maintenance support (Oslo, Norway) – Power plant group at Scira Offshore Energy (Walsingham, England) – Regional dispatch centre in region North (Korgen, Norway) – Administrative staff (Oslo, Norway).

What attracted you to Statkraft?
I’ve always had a genuine interest in renewable energy. Statkraft is one of the leading companies in the area with an ambition to expand and I saw a career in Statkraft as a unique opportunity to develop my expertise in the area and contribute to the transformation to a more sustainable society. In addition, I liked the idea of participating in a trainee program and get to know different parts of a company and build a network – both in Norway and abroad.