Cihan Simsek

Cihan Simsek

Cihan Simsek works in International Hydropower.



Master of Coastal and Harbour Engineering from Middle East Technical University (Ankara,Turkey) (Thesis Title: A Model Study on the Stability of Rubble Mound Coastal Defense Structure), Bachelor in Civil Engineering from Middle East Technical University (Ankara,Turkey)

Project Assistant in Ocean Engineering Research Center METU, Ankara.

Which unit do you work in?
International Hydropower

How is your trainee plan?

  1. International Hydropower (Oslo, Norway)

  2. Corporate HSE (Oslo, Norway)

  3. Çetin Project Site (Siirt, Turkey)

  4. Statkraft Office (Ankara, Turkey)

What attracted you to SN Power?
I found the opportunity to work with people from all around the world very exciting. Also work in company which is biggest in renewable energy and has an ambition for clean world was very inspiring for me. As a final, this trainee program gives us a great chance to work with different people from different parts of the company.