Summer project

Statkraft is proud to offer the annual summer project which represents a real exciting challenge and a steep learning curve for the students. During this period you get to work on important topics that will allow you to approach future challenges within renewable energy supervised by a project manager and a group of expertise.

The summer project is a major Employer Branding campaign that Statkraft runs each year with 6-8 candidates from different theoretical backgrounds working intensively together as a team, with close follow-up by Statkraft professionals, for a period of 8 weeks. The outcome of the project is presented to the corporate management and shared with the whole organization by the end of the period. 
The first summer project was executed in summer 2003, and since then, the project has been very popular among our target groups at both Norwegian and international universities. 
We believe that this is a great opportunity to strengthen Statkraft’s position as an attractive employer as well as giving the possibility to future talents to approach energy matters and work hard on complex world’s climate issues.

Last year, the summer project “Digitalization in Energy Markets” had more than 200 applicants in less than two weeks deadline, and 6 highly motivated and qualified students from Italy, France, Norway and Sweden were chosen and given the opportunity to work in a team on this exciting project. Statkraft is also proud for the diversity of backgrounds that varies within electric power, industrial and management engineering, scientific executive engineering, artificial intelligence, informatics and renewable energy.

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