Morten Dæhli Aslesen

Portrait of Morten Dæhli Aslesen

Morten works at the MENO Nordic market analysis Oslo unit within the Market Operations business area.



- MSc Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment at the Norwegian School of Economics
- BSc Nanotechnology at the University of Bergen

- Internship within IT & Risk Management at the partly Statkraft-owned utility company BKK, with responsibility within risk reporting and administering IT systems for middle- and back-office functions.
- Volunteer work for a Nepalese utility company in Kathmandu, Nepal. There, I lead a project review of a power plant that was newly finished - with the aim to learn and to improve the profitability of future projects. 
- Summer project at DNV GL while I wrote my thesis on techno-economical optimization of hybrid energy system. My role was to develop a concept for production and distribution of hydrogen using offshore wind turbines.

Which unit do you work in?
Market Strategy Analysis unit, which is responsible for long-term price forecasts and strategic analysis.

How is your trainee plan (rotations)?
My rotation plan is not fully decided. My first rotation has been at Lilleaker HQ, Oslo, with the Nordic energy management team. The unit is responsible for short- and medium term price forecasts in the Nordic region, and I’ve been busy working on automating data flow and improve data handling. My second rotation will be at the middle-office to learn about the risk reporting functions. After that I’ll spend 6 months at the Düsseldorf office where I will be part of a new team working with algorithms, automatization and analysis. The last rotation is still tentative.

What attracted you to Statkraft?
The single most important factor when looking for a potential employer for me is the sense of doing something meaningful. Statkraft, being the largest provider of renewable energy in Europe and a well-respected actor within the industry, makes me proud to be part of the company. That together with the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the industry makes Statkraft the ideal employer for me.