Daniel Christophersen

Portrait of Daniel Christophersen

Daniel Christophersen works at Wind Power & Technologies.






University of Edinburgh (Chemical Engineering with Management).


Internships at Wood Group, Xodus Group, ClerkMaxwell, AMEC.

Which unit do you work in?

Wind Power & Technologies.

How is your trainee plan (rotations)?

Somewhere in International Hydro, Sheringham Shoal and then Düsseldorf.

What attracted you to Statkraft?

Having had a few jobs in the Oil & Gas industry I decided that I was more interested in pursuing a career in the renewable sector. Combined with my desire to move back to Norway having lived in Scotland for many years Statkraft naturally became an attractive option. It’s exciting to now be a part of a company that should play a key role in the advancement of an increasingly crucial industry and hopefully I can contribute to this.