Linh Phuong Catherine Do

Portrait of Linh Phuong Catherine Do

Linh works with Energy Management in the Market Operations unit.



Msc industrial economics and technology management, from Norwegian University of Science in Norway (NTNU), and Technology and Nanyang Technology University in Singapore

Internship at Statkraft

Which unit do you work in?
Energy management in Market.

How is your trainee plan (rotations)? 
1. Production optimization at the Dispatch Central (Oslo)
2. Risk Management (Oslo)
3. Renewable Energy Forecast (Düsseldorf)
4. Midt term Power price forecast (Oslo)


What attracted you to Statkraft?
The renewable industry is in dynamic change; exposed by increasing political support (also major participants like China and USA), technology evolution dropping the technology cost and signal for the phase out of fossil power plants, among others. Statkraft plays a key role in the future renewable landscape. Hence, I believe that working in Statkraft will give me possibilities to acquire a good knowledge of the overall business, as well be part of solving the energy challenges.