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Oh, what a couple of first weeks!

03 Jul, 2020

Welcome to the (nearly) weekly blog about the Summer Project 2020! At the end of our 7 week period at Statkraft we will hopefully have developed feasible business cases for the EV Charging business, and we want to keep this blog updated on the progress. So here we go!

This is our team, look how excited they were the first day! The team consists of people with all sorts of different backgrounds. This interdisciplinary group is made up of future engineers , economists and social scientists. If that was not enough, we also have an American on our team, and a pilot! The diversity of the group has already shown its benefit, as our brainstorming sessions have given birth to a myriad of different ideas.

The first days at Statkraft were pretty packed, we are not going to lie. The days consisted of meeting interesting people at Statkraft and their subsidiary companies, presentations about Statkraft, the company’s vision, its outlook for the future and how we tie into that. We also did a few photos sessions (watch out, LinkedIn). However, with great follow-up from our project leaders (special thanks to Amanda), we have all been excited to come in to work in the morning, the group has settled in nicely, and every day has been as educational as the last one.

A look into our schedule the first days.
Our aim at the end of these 7 weeks is to have come up with feasible business cases for EV Charging that Statkraft, along with its subsidiary companies (Grønn Kontakt, E-Wald, eeMobility) can implement in the future. As we mentioned above, the first days consisted of getting a grip on what Statkraft is trying to achieve, what the EV Charging market looks like, understanding customer needs etc. It is only the last few days that we have brainstormed ideas, business cases, and tried to develop them a bit. In the coming days and weeks we are going to develop these ideas even further, all while getting solid backup and guidance from our project leaders and the other great people at Statkraft.

Everyone listens closely.
But hey, it has not been all work! In addition to exploring the infinite and fun possibilities at The Hive (Statkraft’s creative hub), we have been meeting after work in order to socialize and relax. Already the first day we went out for dinner, and it was a good way to get to know each other better. However, the most fun part was the Byrebus. In addition to meeting and teaming up with the summer students in Production, we went out in the streets of Oslo to solve puzzles and riddles. The winning team was, of course, The Winning Team. After the Byrebus, we all went out for pizza and enjoyed the warm summer night here in Oslo. The team has also enjoyed training sessions in the gym at Statkraft’s facilities, a nice way to end the workday together.


The Winning Team at the Byrebus.
After two fun, interesting, exciting, exhaustive and educational weeks, it is now Friday, and we are all grabbing some food and a drink after work so to start the weekend properly. Until next time!