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Time flies when you're having fun!

03 Aug, 2020

Our stay here at Statkraft is flying by at a speed that feels supersonic, and it is a bit hard to grasp the fact we’ve got less than two(!!) weeks left of the summer project. As we are now doing the finishing touches on calculations and modelling, as well as preparing for the final presentation, we are very much looking forward to show the management and other Statkraft employees what we’ve done this summer.

Spending every day together, the six of us have become a great team, as well as good friends. There are many factors that come into play to make a good and efficient team. One, -as Åsne mentioned in last weeks post- is that we have a common goal for the project and that we are all eager to learn. In this post, I want to walk you through some of the specific things we do daily to make sure we work well as a team, learn new things everyday, and continuously improve.


First things first, the “daily standup”. This was introduced to us from the very start of the project from one of our leaders, and it is not (misleading as it might be) half an hour with dad jokes in the morning, but time we use to organize the day and plan what needs to be done. In a project like this, where ideas change quickly and plans are constantly in flux, the daily standup has helped us keep track of what needs to be done. Making plans and setting up to-dos also keeps the team accountable for the progress of the project.

During the daily standup, we take the opportunity to plan lunch and some fun during the day, such as playing darts and ping pong, or eating an ice cream on the rooftop.


The day ends with what we call the daily reflection, and it has definitely been an important tool for us this summer. Together we talk about, and write down, what needs to be done the next day, as well as positives and potentials for the group to work better. Going around the table and letting each person share potentials for growth that they think either the group or they as individuals have, makes sure that we find solutions to small issues before they become big problems.

The very last thing we do is the positives, where each person says something that has been fun or worked well that day. This ends the day on a good note and we all leave work with a good team spirit and smiles on our faces.

Last but not least, we make sure to have fun at and after work. As we’ve gotten to know each other better, and come together as a team, we’ve become more effective, had more fun, and kept a light atmosphere where communication becomes easier and better.


And its summer, so who wouldn’t want an afternoon at the beach anyways? Here we are heading to Hovedøya for a game of frisbee and a swim. I hope we maintain my favourite weekly routine after the project is done!