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Ole Martin Røsnæs

Ole-Martin works in the Risk Management Trading unit in the Markets & IT business area.

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What made you apply for the trainee program?
There are several reasons why Statkraft stood out among other employers. First, I think it was a good mix of professional relevance and unique experience. Second, I applied for the trainee program because I believe it to be the perfect start to my career. Here I will get the opportunity to work abroad and rotate between different business units and receiving an extraordinary insight into Statkraft’s activities. Besides, the traineeship will be the perfect arena for learning and development, precisely what I was looking for when applying for the program.

What will the trainee program look like for you?
My first rotation will be in the Risk Management Trading unit. There I will be working with analysing daily risk and performance reporting on Statkraft’s trading activities.
My second and third rotation will be in Düsseldorf, Germany, where I will work for the Continental Dispatch team and the German Origination team. At the Continental Dispatch team, I will be working with the intraday trading unit by supporting the market analysis. While as for the last rotation, I will be working with tailor-made contracts for large industrial clients for the German Origination team.

What did you do before the trainee program?
I did my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from BI Norwegian Business School. While studying for my bachelor’s, I worked for Danske Bank in the Finance Centre department, working with Corporate Finance. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I moved to Germany to take my master’s in International Business with a major in Financial Management at Cologne Business School. During my master’s studies, I worked for Gothaer Asset Management with Real Estate Investments.

What surprised you the most when you started?
It must be the combination of the diverse and international environment at Statkraft.

Is there anything else you want other potential candidates to know?
I would recommend trainee candidates to think about what motivates them and about what they would like to accomplish as a trainee when applying for the position at Statkraft.

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