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Devoll Hydropower Sh.A.

Devoll Hydropower Sh.A. (DHP) is an Albanian registered company, owned and operated by Statkraft.

In line with the Concession Agreement signed with the Government of Albania and approved by the Albanian Parliament in 2009, DHP is responsible for the implementation of the Devoll Hydropower Project along the Devoll River, in southeast Albania. The Devoll Hydropower Project aims to be a sustainable project by generating renewable electricity.

DHP integrates the vision and values of Statkraft, with a special focus on Health, Safety and Environment. DHP is committed to operate with high standards of integrity.

DHP has its offices in Tirana, Banja, Gramsh and Moglicë, and also operates a Public Information Centres in Banjë and Moglicë. You are welcome to visit us and obtain further information in relation to our activities.

The DHP Concession Agreement with the Republic of Albania is based on a BOOT model. The Concession was signed with the Government of Albania on 19.12.2008 and was ratified by the Albanian Parliament through the Law no. 10083, date 23.02.2009, amended.

BOOT stands for:

B - Build: Construction of the hydropower plants.

O – Own: After construction, DHP is the owner of the power plants and is be responsible for their maintenance.

O – Operate: DHP operates the power plants to produce hydroelectric, environmentally friendly energy.

T – Transfer: After fulfilling the Concession Agreement obligations, the ownership of the power plants will be transferred to the Republic of Albania.