CERAN hydropower

CERAN – Energetic Complex of Antas River – is located on the mid-section of the Rio das Antas river, in the northeastern region of the State of Rio Grande do Sul.

Ownership: 5 % owned by Statkraft
Production: 1507 GWh
Powery: 360 MW

The complex comprises three plants, Monte Claro (130 MW), Castro Alves (130 MW) and 14 de Julho (100 MW).

The project main features are as follows:

Name Capacity (MW) Flooded area Dam type Max. height


HPP Castro Alves 130 5 km2 RCC 50 m


Francis (3)
HPP 14 de Julho 100 6 km2 RCC 42 m Subterranean Kaplan (2)
HPP Monte Claro 130 1.4 km2 RCC 27 m Semi-sheltered Kaplan (2)