Francisco Gross hydropower plant

Francisco Gros hydropower plant is located on the Itapemirim Braço Norte Direito river, in the state of Espírito Santo.

Ownership: 100% owned by Statkraft Brazil, of which 81.3% is owned by Statkraft Global.

Annual production: 136.5 GWh

Power: 29 MW

The power plant has a total head of 59.77 meters.

The powerhouse has two Francis turbines, which receive water through a 1,533 meters long tunnel, 5.5 meters in diameter.

The facility comprises two dams, where two separated reservoirs are connected by one derivation tunnel. The first dam, called derivation dam, is an earth gravity type, with segment gates, being 25 meters high and 107 meters long. The second dam, called generation dam, is a concrete RCC type with free spillway, being 25 meters high and 55 meters long.