The run-of-river hydropower plant Werrawerk is located along the Werra River near Hannoversch Münden in Lower Saxony in Germany.

Ownership: 100 %
Production: 10 GWh
Power: 2.6 MW

The power plant was built during the period 1921 to 1924 by PreussenElektra, later called E.ON Energie. Statkraft took over the plant from E.ON at the beginning of 2009.

The plant's three Kaplan-turbines provide a capacity of 3 MW. The yearly average electricity generation amounts to approximately 10 GWh. In addition, this site is the branch office for the run-of-river hydropower plants Werrawerk, Wahnhausen and Affoldern within the operational area Weser.

The central control room for monitoring the run-of-river hydropower plants in the Weser, Werra, Fulda, Hunte and Eder rivers is located in the pumped-storage power plant Erzhausen.