Allain Duhangan

Allain Duhangan hydropower plant is located near Manali in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh in Northern India.

Ownership: 43,1%
Production: 802 GWh
Power: 192 MW

The run-of-river power plant is situated in the steep terrain of the Himalayas. Water from the Allain and Duhangan rivers is transferred from separate intakes and underground headrace tunnels into a common intermediate reservoir before being discharged through a steel/concrete lined pressure shaft to a power station inside the mountain at the village of Prini near the town of Manali.

The plant has two 96 MW generating units, producing around 800 GWh a year on average. The plant is operated as a peaking plant from November to May and as a base load plant during the summer and rainy season from June to October. 

The construction of the power house started in 2005. The first phase of the Allain Duhangan project, using water from the Allain River, was commissioned in 2010. The second phase, using water from the Duhangan River, came into operation in 2012.

The plant is owned and managed by Malana Power Company Limited (MPCL), which is owned 49 per cent by Statkraft and 51 per cent by Bhilwara Energy.