Statkraft main office at Lilleaker in Oslo.

Statkraft's main office is located at Lilleaker in Oslo, Norway. (Photo: Statkraft)

Statkraft’s origins go back to the Norwegian hydropower industry in the 1890s. The Group's main office and the bulk of its activities remain in Norway.

Statkraft owns a number of subsidiaries with activities and/or main office in Norway. In addition, Statkraft owns part of several companies domiciled in Norway.

Statkraft Energi (100%)

Statkraft Energi AS is wholly owned by Statkraft AS. The company owns and operates hydropower plants in Norway, and engages in trading with power and power-related products in the Nordic region.

Statkraft Varme AS

Statkraft Varme is part of the Statkraft group, and has been active within energy recovery and district heating since 1982. The company currently has more than 130 employees in Norway and Sweden.

The company has licenses for the development and operation of district heating in Trondheim and Klæbu, Harstad, Ås, Narvik, Stjørdal, Namsos, Levanger, Moss, Nannestad, Bogerud, Haugerud and Sandefjord in Norway, in addition to five facilities in Sweden. Our goal is to offer our customers environmentally sound and flexible energy supply.

Statkraft Varme covers more than 30 per cent of Trondheim’s heating needs through district heating. The company supplies heating to 8 000 homes and 650 business and public buildings in Trondheim and Klæbu. Statkraft Varme’s annual production is in excess of 1 TWh.

As a centre of expertise for the district heating activities in the Statkraft group, Statkraft Varme wants to contribute to a sound and energy-efficient development of district heating in Norway and Sweden, in cooperation with local suppliers.

Skagerak Energi (66.62%)

Statkraft owns 66.62 per cent of Skagerak Energi. The other owners are the municipalities in the Grenland region. The company is one of Norway's leading energy companies with an annual mean production of 5200 GWh. The company also operates the regional and distribution grids in Vestfold County and the Grenland region. The company has 180 000 grid customers, 780 employees. Skagerak also engages in other activities through the subsidiaries Skagerak Elektro, Skagerak Varme, and Skagerak Naturgass. The main office is located in Porsgrunn. Skagerak owns 48 per cent of Fjordkraft, Norway's second largest power sales company.


  • Aurland III

    Aurland III is located beside Lake Vetlebotnvatn in Aurland Municipality, Sogn og Fjordane County.

    Aurland III power plant Hydropower
  • Aurland IV (Vangen)

    Aurland IV (Vangen) power plant is located in Aurlandsvangen in Aurland Municipality, Sogn og Fjordane County.

    Aurland IV power plant Hydropower
  • Aurland V (Reppa)

    Aurland IV (Reppa) is a small power plant located in Aurland Municipality in Sogn og Fjordane County.

    Aurland V power plant Hydropower
  • Bagn

    Bagn power plant is located in Sør-Aurdal Municipality in Oppland County.

    Bagn power plant Hydropower
  • Bardufoss

    Bardufoss power plant is located at Bardufossen in Målselv Municipality in Troms County.

    Bardufoss power plant. Hydropower
  • Båtsvatn

    Båtsvatn power plant is located inside a mountain at Lake Kobbvatn in Narvik Municipality in Nordland County.

    Båtsvatn power plant. Hydropower
  • Bjerka

    Bjerka power plant is located in Hemnes Municipality in Nordland County.

    Bjerka power plant Hydropower
  • Bjølvo

    Bjølvo power plant is located in Ålvik in Kvam Municipality in Hordaland County.

    Bjølvo power plant in Ålvik. Hydropower
  • Bjordalen

    Bjordalen is a power plant on the Skien watershed in Hjartdal Municipality in Telemark County.

    Bjordalen Hydropower
  • Bratsberg

    Bratsberg power plant is located on the Nid River in Trondheim Municipality in Sør-Trøndelag County.

    Bratsberg power plant Hydropower