Adamselv is a hydropower plant in Lebesby Municipality in Finnmark County.

Ownership: 100 %
Production: 199 GWh
Power: 50 MW

The power plant exploits an elevation difference of 208 metres from the Store Måsvatn reservoir. The reservoir is dammed by several dams and is regulated between 207 and 175 metres above sea level.

Lake Sieidejávri is also regulated in connection with the plant. The water level in the lake is regulated between 213 and 208 metres above sea level. Lake Muorahisjávri is regulated along with lake Sieidejarvi. The Važžejohka river is transferred to lake Muorahisjávri.

The power plant was built by Finnmark Energi, later taken over by Statkraft. The plant came online in 1973 and has two Francis turbines with a total capacity of 50 MW and an average annual production of 199 GWh.

In 2017, the Small Måsevann pump was put into operation. Lille Måsevann pumps water 34 meters from Lille Måsevann to Store Måsevann through 1180 meters of pipes. Together with three extra intake, this extra water volume amounts to approximately 7 GWh of net increased production in Adamselv power plants.