Åna-Sira is the last power plant in the Sira-Kvina development and is located at sea level almost at the coast in Flekkefjord Municipality in Vest-Agder County.

Ownership: Statkraft is an indirect co-owner through its ownership in Skagerak Energi, Agder Energi and Sira-Kvina kraftselskap
Production: 602 GWh
Power: 150 MW

Lake Lundevatn is the intake reservoir. From the reservoir a 1 500-metre-long head race tunnel was blasted through the rock to a search tank. From here, three separate shafts were blasted through the rock down to the power plant.

When the plant opened in 1971, two generating units were installed. As part of the sixth construction phase in the Sira-Kvina development a third unit was put into operation in 1989. The power plant has an installed capacity of 150 MW.

All three generating units are equipped with Francis turbines.

All the water that has generated power through the other plants upstream in the Sira and Kvina watercourses, combined with inflow from below Tonstad power plant, goes through Γ…na-Sira power plant's three turbines and empties into the sea. At full production, 390 cubic metres of water rush through the turbines every second. Because of the volume of water, the power plant can produce as much as 602 GWh per year, even though the height of fall is only 48 metres.

Through its ownership in Skagerak Energi AS, Agder Energi AS and Sira-Kvina kraftselskap, Statkraft is co-owner of this power plant. Sira-Kvina kraftselskap is responsible for daily operations, and manages the licences and obligations in terms of river management and regulating of the watercourse.