Aura power plant is situated in Sunndalsøra in Sunndal Municipality in Møre and Romsdal County.

Ownership: 100 %
Production: 1623 GWh
Power: 290 MW

The generating facilities in the area consist of two power stations, Aura and Osbu.

Lake Aursjøen is the main reservoir for both Aura and Osbu power plants, and is regulated between 856 and 828 metres above sea level. Part of the lake lies in the municipality of Lesja.

Aura power plant collects water through a 16 km long tunnel from the intake reservoir in Lake Holbuvatnet which is regulated between 793 and 777 metres above sea level. Lake Reinsvatn is also regulated to supply the power plant, with a regulated level between 892 and 874 metres above sea level. Water is also collected from stream intakes.

There are seven Pelton turbines installed, with a total capacity of 290 MW. The power station was the first in Statkraft to be built inside a mountain, and started production in 1953.

Portions of Aura power plant are proposed to be included in Statkraft's national protection plan for cultural heritage buildings.