Aurland III

Aurland III is located beside Lake Vetlebotnvatn in Aurland Municipality, Sogn og Fjordane County.

Ownership: 7 %
Production: 70 GWh
Power: 270 MW

The power plant was commissioned in 1979 and uses a height of fall of 400 metres from the Nyheller reservoir down to Lake Vetlebotnvatn.

The hydropower development in the Aurland Valley is an elegant network of dams, tunnels and power stations. The same water is used several times as it passes through the various power stations on its way from the high mountains to the bottom of the fjord.

Aurland III is equipped with reversible Francis pump turbines that pump water up from Lake Vetlebotnvatn to the reservoir during the summer. In winter the turbines are reversed and generate power from the water using the same height of fall.

The power plant has an installed capacity of 270 MW and a net annual average production of 70 MW after deducting the power used by the pumps.

E-CO Energi AS is the operator of Aurland III power plant and responsible for daily operation.