Aurland IV (Vangen)

Aurland IV (Vangen) power plant is located in Aurlandsvangen in Aurland Municipality, Sogn og Fjordane County.

Ownership: 7 %
Production: 105 GWh
Power: 38 MW

The hydropower development in the Aurland Valley is an elegant network of dams, tunnels and power stations. The same water is used several times as it passes through the various power stations on its way from the high mountains to the bottom of the fjord.

The development of Aurland IV started in 1976, and the plant was commissioned in 1980. The plant uses a height of fall of 55 metres from Lake Vassbygdvatn down to Aurlandsfjorden. It is the lowest-lying and therefore the last plant in the Aurland watercourse. The power plant only operates during the winter half of the year.

The plant is equipped with a Caplan turbine producing 38 MW. Average annual production is 105 GWh.

E-CO Energi AS is the operator of Aurland IV or Vangen power plant, and responsible for daily operation.