Bardufoss power plant is located at Bardufossen in Målselv Municipality in Troms County.

Ownership: 100 %
Production: 219 GWh
Power: 45 MW

The river power plant was commissioned in 1952 and uses a height of fall of 53 metres in the Bardu River. A concrete dam with two flood gates is used to regulate the reservoir a maximum of five metres.

Innset and Straumsmo power plants are located in the upper part of the Bardu River and use Lake Altevatn as a reservoir, so the running of Bardufoss power plant must be coordinated with the operation of these two upstream plants.

There are two Francis turbines installed with 19 and 26 MW providing an annual mean production of 219 GWh.

Bardufoss power plant was originally owned by Troms Kraft, but reverted to state ownership and was taken over by Statkraft in 2012.