Brattset power plant in Rennebu Municipality in Sør-Trøndelag County is part of the power plant system in the in Orkla watercourse.

Ownership: 48.6 %
Production: 400 GWh
Power: 80 MW

The plant is equipped with a Francis turbine with an installed capacity of 80 MW. Annual mean production is 400 GWh.

The power plant uses a gross height of fall of 273 metres from the intake reservoir Lake Storfossdammen down to the outlet into the Orkla River south of Berkåk. Water is also drawn from several stream intakes. The power plant was commissioned in 1982.

Brattset power plant is part of Kraftverkene i Orkla (KVO). TrønderEnergi Kraft is the operator of the power plant.