Gresslifoss power plant is located in Tydal Municipality in Sør-Trøndelag County.

Ownership: 100 %
Production: 108 GWh
Power: 21 MW

The power plant uses the Nea watercourse, and has a short headrace tunnel and a long tailrace tunnel.

The power plant's intake reservoir, Lake Gresslidammen, has a gravity dam at Klingene almost two kilometres long.

The gross height of fall is 34 metres.

The plant has an annual mean power production of 108 GWh and an installed capacity of 21 MW.

The power plant was commissioned in 1966 but was upgraded in 2002. The power plant is equipped with a vertical Kaplan turbine that can take in 80 cubic metres of water per second.

In 1878 one of Norway's largest coin discoveries was made in the area where the power plant is built. During potato harvesting a treasure was uncovered that included 2253 coins, various silver currencies and a gold-plated silver bird broach. The Gressli Bird is an elegant piece of handiwork. The coins originated from around the year 1090. One theory is that the treasure is connected to one of the most important pilgrim routes from medieval times which passes close by where the treasure was found. Pilgrims from the east and west took this route onwards to Nidaros Cathedral.