(Photo: PeltonMan, Wikimedia Commons)

Grønvollfoss power plant is located in Notodden Municipality in Telemark County.

Ownership: Statkraft is an indirect co-owner through its 66.62 per cent ownership in Skagerak Energi AS
Production: 170 GWh
Power: 32 MW

Grønvollfoss is a typical run-of-river power plant and is located on the Tinnelva River about five kilometres below Årlifoss. It was begun during the depression in the early 1930s and was completed after a three-year construction period.

In 1997, the dam at the station was reinforced and the flood capacity expanded. In addition, a roadway was added to the dam. In 2008, the plant was significantly upgraded with new Kaplan turbines with an increased maximum discharge, new generators and other equipment.

The maximum discharge of Grønvollfoss power plant is now 160 cubic metres of water per second, the same as the three other power plants in this part of the river system.

A major transmission substation for power transmission lines from the north and west of Telemark County is located at the power plant.

Through its majority ownership in Skagerak Energi AS, Statkraft is co-owner of this power plant. Skagerak Kraft AS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Skagerak Energi, is responsible for daily operations, and manages the licences and obligations in terms of river management and regulating of the watercourse.