Grytten power plant is located at the foot of Mount Romsdalshorn in Rauma Municipality, Møre og Romsdal County.

Ownership: 88 %
Production: 533 GWh
Power: 143.5 MW

The plant draws water from Mardalsfossen, one of Norway's highest and most famous waterfalls. The power plant also draws operating water from the following lakes: Olaskarsvatnet, Fetjavatnet, Mongevatnet via Monge pumping station, Grøttavatnet, Rangåvatnet and Nedre Mardalsvatnet via Mardal pumping station, and Fossafjelltjønna.

With the use of technical systems and pumping arrangements, Mardalsfossen maintains a minimum water flow of between 2.0 and 2.5 cubic metres per second during parts of the summer season.

The main intake reservoir Lake Grøttavatnet is regulated between 979.9 and 930 metres above sea level.

Part of the catchment area of the power plant is located in Nesset Municipality. Water is also transferred from the Eikesdals watercourse. This water, along with the remaining water from the power plant, is discharged into the Rauma River.

Grytten power plant was commissioned in 1975 with one Pelton turbine. The plant has an installed capacity of 143.5 MW and an annual mean production of 533 GWh. The gross height of fall to the power plant is 964 metres.

The power plant is owned 88 per cent by Statkraft and 12 per cent by Tafjord Kraft. Statkraft Energi AS is the operator of the plant.