Hylen power plant uses water from the Suldalslågen watercourse in Suldal Municipality in Rogaland County.

Ownership: 72%
Production: 538 GWh
Power: 160 MW

The power plant began operating in 1981 and exploits a height of fall of 68 metres from Lake Suldalsvatnet to sea level in Hylsfjorden.

The water level of Lake Suldalsvatnet can be regulated within a range of 1.5 metres. Lake Suldalsvatnet receives water from Kvilldal power plant. A separate spillway has been built at Hylen power plant to ensure run-off in case of plant stoppages including during maintenance work. Two Francis turbines are installed in the plant.

Architect Egil Sorteberg designed and drew the plans for the machine room in Hylen power plant.

Hylen power plant is one of Statkraft's facilities being considered for preservation as a cultural heritage site. The reception building has therefore been proposed for listing. In addition, several of the power plant's caverns inside the mountain are included in the conservation plan.

Statkraft's subsidiary Skagerak Energi has an ownership stake in Hylen power plant.