Kobbelv power plant is located about 700 metres inside a mountain at Lake Kobvatn in Sørfold Municipality in Nordland County.

Ownership: 82.5 %
Production: 720 GWh
Power: 300 MW

The power plant was commissioned in 1987 and has two Francis turbines with generators, each producing 150 MW. The average annual production is 720 GWh, roughly equivalent to the annual power consumption of the city of Narvik.

The development area is located in the municipalities of Sørfold, Hamarøy and Tysfjord. The regulation area includes eight lakes serving as reservoirs: Langvatn, Varrevæjekajav'ri, Forsvatnet, Linnajav'ri, Litletindvatnet, Reinoksvatnet, Slæddovagjav'ri and Livsejav'ri. The gross height of fall is 611 metres.

Underwater tunnel discharge is a Norwegian specialty, and the 119-metre-deep discharge in Lake Forsvatnet was once the deepest in the world.

The buildings of Kobbelv power plant were planned and designed by architect Egil Sorteberg.