Lio power plant is located in Tokke Municipality in Telemark County.

Ownership: 100 %
Production: 243 GWh
Power: 43 MW

The power plant was commissioned in 1969. The main intake for the plant is located in Lake Byrtevatn and its water level is regulated by a roughly 20-metre-high riprap dam.

The power station is situated beside the Rukke bridge about five kilometres from the village of Dalen. The power plant's discharge into the Tokkeåi River above Dalen ensures a certain amount of water in the river, even though the flow is reduced somewhat as a result of the operation of the plant.

Lio power plant has one generating unit equipped with a Francis turbine. The installed capacity is 43 MW.

The power plant uses a gross height of fall of 352 metres.


Lio power plant has undergone an almost complete rehabilitation with an upgraded power turbine, generator and waterway, as well as a new turbine regulator and a new control unit.

After the upgrade, installed capacity has increased by 3 MW to 43 MW. Annual production has been increased by 18 GWh to a total of 243 GWh.

The overall project consists of five parts: Construction, transformer/set-up, control unit, waterway and generating unit. The current three-winding transformer inside the plant will be replaced by a pair of two-winding transformers; a production transformer inside the plant and a grid transformer outside.

The generator and turbine inside the plant has been upgraded, along with the tunnel and penstock in the waterway. There is a new control unit and a new transformer and a separate transformer building on the outside. The upgrade of the transformer will also help secure the power supply to the local community.

The facility is located near Rukkeåi Stream, which runs into the Tokkeåi and Bandak rivers. Tokkeåi has a very valuable population of big lake trout, which uses the Tokkeåi River for spawning and nursery habitats. The Bandak Delta is also an important habitat for birds and fish. Consequently, the facility has been planned with the highest possible protection against oil discharges.

On County Road 38, which has a poor standard in places, four bends has straightened to transport the transformer to the power plant. This is something the local community is very pleased about.