Målset is a hydropower plant at Lake Målsetevatnet in Vik Municipality in Sogn og Fjordane County.

Ownership: 88 %
Production: 73 GWh
Power: 22 MW

The plant uses a height of fall of about 180 metres between the regulating reservoir Lake Årebotnvatnet and Lake Målsetevatnet.

Lake Årebotnvatnet is regulated between 984 and 994 metres above sea level. The power plant is also supplied with water from several stream intakes and Lake Muravatnet, which is regulated between 1060 and 1020 metres above sea level. The water used in Målset power plant is later reused in Refsdal power plant.

The power plant has a Francis turbine. The installed capacity is 22 MW. The power plant started production in 1967.