Mauranger power plant is located in Kvinnherad Municipality in Hordaland County.

Ownership: 85.06 %
Production: 1150 GWh
Power: 250 MW

The power plant uses a height of fall of 825 metres from the regulating reservoir Lake Mysevatn to the sea at the town of Austrepollen. The plant also obtains water from several stream intakes by way of a head race tunnel. Lake Mysevatn is regulated between 855 and 755 metres above sea level.

From the north side of Mauranger power plant water is transferred from Jukla power plant, as well as from Lake Blådalsvatn and Lake Svartedalsvatn. At Lake Markjelkevatn there is a pumping station that pumps water up to Lake Svartedalsvatn. The pumps here provide Mauranger power plant with an extra 19 GWh in total annual production.

Mauranger is known as Norway's first power plant that made use of melt water from under a glacier. This comes from the Bondhuselvi River under the Bondhusbreen glacier.

The power plant was commissioned in 1974 and has two horizontal Pelton turbines that together produce 250 MW.