The entry portal to the power plant is built of in situ concrete. (Photo: Hydro)

Middyr power plant is located in Odda Municipality in Hordaland County.

Ownership: 4.79 %
Production: 4 GWh
Power: 1.5 MW

The power plant is located beside Lake Middyrvatnet, 1240 metres above sea level and is the highest power plant in this area.

Middyr power plant is part of the Røldal-Suldal system, which was originally developed in the 1960s to secure power for Hydro's aluminium production in Karmøy.

The Røldal-Suldal facility currently includes the power plants Kvanndal, Middyr, Novle, Røldal, Svandalsflona, Suldal I and Suldal II, plus Vasstøl.

Middyr power plant uses a height of fall of 56 metres from the regulating reservoir Lake Nupstjødn and down to the intake at the power plant.

The power plant has a Francis turbine with an installed capacity of 1.5 MW and an annual average production of 4 GWh.

Norsk Hydro is the operator of Middyr power plant and responsible for daily operation.