Nore I

Nore I power plant uses the height of fall between Tunhovdfjorden and the town of Rødberg in Nore and Uvdal Municipality in Buskerud County.

Ownership: 100 %
Production: 1137 GWh
Power: 206 MW

The power plant has eight generating units with Pelton turbines with double turbine runners. The plant has an installed capacity of 206 MW.

Water from the plant is discharged into Rødberg Dam, where it is collected before being used again in the Nore II power plant. Minimum water discharge from Rødberg Dam is also used in the newer and smaller Rødberg power plant. There are plans for a new plant inside the mountain to replace the old power plant at Rødberg.

Nore I was built to produce power for domestic supply in Eastern Norway. It was commissioned in 1928 and is one of Statkraft's oldest power plants still in operation.

Plans for the plant were drawn by architects Lorentz Harboe Ree and Carl Buch. It was once Norway's largest power plant.

Nore I is considered a heritage building and is proposed to be preserved in protection class II in Statkraft's conservation plant. This includes the penstock, which is now phased out and replaced by a pressure shaft inside the mountain.