Øvre Bersåvatn

Øvre Bersåvatn power plant is located the mountains above Tyssedal in Ullensvang Municipality, Hordaland County.

Ownership: 100 %
Production: 23 GWh
Power: 5.5 MW

Construction of the Øvre and Nedre Bersåvatn power plants started in May 2003, and the plants were commissioned in 2005.

Øvre Bersåvatn power plant is equipped with a Francis turbine which uses a maximum height of fall of 162 metres.

The two small power plants use the height of fall between the three reservoir lakes Vendevatn, Øvre Bersåvatn and Nedre Bersåvatn in the Mågeli watercourse. The power plants only make use of existing regulation capacity and diversion tunnels that were built for Mågeli power plant.