Øvre Leirfoss

Øvre Leirfoss power plant is located on the Nidelven River in Trondheim Municipality in Sør-Trøndelag County.

Ownership: 100 %
Production: 24 GWh
Power: 3.1 MW

The power plant was commissioned on 4 November 1901. This power development was crucial for the introduction of electric streetcars in the city of Trondheim.

The river power plant uses a height of fall of 34 metres and has an installed capacity of 3,1MW from a horizontal Francis turbine from 2014. Øvre Leirfoss was converted to a small-scale power plant when the new Leirfossene power plant became operational in 2008 and took over much of the operating water from the two older power plants Øvre Leirfoss and Nedre Leirfoss.

The old generating units from 1919 and 1949 are not yet removed but are no longer in operation.