Reinforsen power plant is located at the village of Skonseng in Rana Municipality in Nordland County.

Ownership: 100 %
Production: 20 GWh
Power: 3.4 MW

The power plant is located 11 kilometres above the mouth of the Rana River at Mo i Rana and uses the height of fall of 25.6 metres in the Reinforsen rapids.

The power plant has two generating units equipped with Francis turbines. The total installed capacity is 3.4 MW.

The turbines have a maximum discharge of 19 cubic metres of water per second which enters the plant via a tunnel and then through a wooden penstock. The penstock is 150 metres long and has a diameter of 3.2 metres. Penstocks with this type of construction were widely used in the past, but there are very few still operating today.

The power plant was commissioned in 1925 and is therefore being considered for renovation and upgrading.