Sima power plant is located in Eidfjord Municipality in Hordaland County.

Ownership: 65 %
Production: 3000 GWh
Power: 1120 MW

The power plant includes the regulating facilities and the two power stations Lang-Sima and Sy-Sima in a common machine room. Power production started in 1980.

The total length of tunnels and shafts blasted in the rock is 61.3 kilometres. The largest water reservoirs are the Lakes Langvatn, Rundavatn, Rembesdalsvatn and Sysenvatnet, all with riprap dam walls. The plant regulates three waterfalls; Vøringsfossen, Skykkjedalsfossen and Rembesdalsfossen.

Sima power plant is regarded as a stellar example of the art of hydropower engineering. Sima is the second largest power plant in Norway measured in total capacity.

Lang-Sima power station uses a catchment area approximately 1100 metres above sea level, south and west of the Hardangerjøkulen glacier i.e. the vertical stretches of the Norddøla and Austdøla rivers down to Osafjorden, and a catchment area approximately 1170 metres above sea level that drains down the Sima River. The height of fall is 1065 metres and the installed capacity of its two generating units is 500 MW.

Sy-Sima power station uses the catchment area of the Sima River and the upper stretches of the Bjoreia River and its tributaries the Leiro and Isdøla. The height of fall is 905 metres and the installed capacity of its two generating units is 620 MW.

Statkraft owns 65 per cent of Sima power plant and is responsible for its daily operation and maintenance. The other owners are BKK (Bergenshalvøens Kommunale Kraftselskap) with 26.25 per cent and SKL (Sunnhordland Kraftlag) with 8.75 per cent.