Skjeggedal is a former hydropower plant at Tyssedal in Odda Municipality in Hordaland County.

Ownership: 100 %
Production: -18 GWh
Power: -10.6 MW

In 1986 the power plant was converted to a pumping station.

The inflow pipe to the plant is used as a pump shaft. The maximum pumping capacity is nine cubic metres per second divided between two pumps having a maximum capacity of 5.3 MW. Annual consumption is 18 GWh.

Water that has been used in Mågeli power plant is pumped from Skjeggedal pumping station through Bruun's tunnel under Ringedalsdammen and into Lake Ringedalsvannet, from where it can be used in Oksla power plant. The tunnel is named after the engineer Nils Henrik Bruun, who in 1897 purchased the waterfall rights at Lake Ringedalsvannet.