Skjomen power plant is located in Narvik Municipality in Nordland County.

Ownership: 100 %
Production: 1257 GWh
Power: 300 MW

The power plant uses water from watercourses in both Ballangen and Narvik municipalities.

The power plant was commissioned in stages from 1973 to 1980. It has two generating units, each producing 100 MW. Skjomen's regulated water area includes the following reservoirs: Lakes Lossi, Norddalen, Båtsvatn, Langvatn, Ipto and Kjårda. Together, they contain 721 million cubic metres of water, which can provide an annual production of 1 257 GWh.

During the planning of the power plant, the gross height of fall of 610 metres was at the upper limit when determining which type of turbine could withstand the high pressure and simultaneously utilise the energy in the best possible way. The chosen solution was three Pelton turbines.

The development of Skjomen power plant at the head of Sørskjomen fjord had great significance for the local town including new road access to the outside world.