Solbergfoss I

Solbergfoss I power plant is located five kilometres below the mouth of the Glomma River at Lake Øyeren in Askim Municipality, Østfold County.

Ownership: 35.6 %
Production: 350 GWh
Power: 104 MW

The development of Solbergfoss I, which is considered a run-of-river power plant, began in 1913. The power plant was commissioned in 1924 with seven generating units. It was built to hold 13 generating units, but it was not until1959 that all the units were in operation.

The development was a joint project between the City of Oslo and the Norwegian State, and it harnesses five waterfalls starting with Mørkfoss and ending with Solbergfoss. In 1913 it was named the Mørkfoss-Solbergfoss facility.

The height of fall is 14 metres.

All 13 generating units are equipped with a Francis turbine with a total installed capacity of 108 MW. Annual mean production is 900 GWh.

The development of Solbergfoss I was a giant project in its time and at its peak employed over 700 people. The power station itself, which resembles a cathedral, was designed by one of the period's foremost architects, Bredo Greve.

Later, in the period 1981-1985 an underground facility, Solbergfoss II, was built to provide relief to the original power station.

E-CO Energi AS is the operator of Solbergfoss I power plant and responsible for daily operation.