Stølsdal power plant is located in the Ulla-Førre watercourses in Hjelmeland Municipality, Rogaland County.

Ownership: 72 %
Production: 61 GWh
Power: 17 MW

The power plant was commissioned in 1986.

The power plant uses a height of fall of 103 metres from Lakes Kvivatnet and Bjørndalsvatnet down to Lake Botsvatn.

The power plant has one Francis turbine and an installed capacity for power production of 17 MW.

After production, the water can be pumped into the intake reservoir for Kvilldal power plant. Installed pumping capacity is 2 x 3 MW. Lake Vassbotnvatnet serves as the regulating reservoir for the pumping station. The reservoir is regulated between 475 and 470 metres above sea level.

Statkraft Energi AS the operator of Stølsdal power plant.