Straumsmo power plant is located 490 metres inside a mountain, about 22 kilometres from Setermoen in Bardu Municipality in Troms County.

Ownership: 100 %
Production: 678 GWh
Power: 170 MW

The power plant was commissioned in 1966 and has two generating units with an installed capacity of 85 MW. The gross height of fall is 230 metres.

Lake Altevatn is the common regulating reservoir for Innset, Straumsmo and Bardufoss power plants. With a natural catchment area of 1 234 square kilometres, Lake Altevatn is one of Norway's largest reservoirs.

The small Lake Innsetvatn serves as the intake reservoir for Straumsmo power plant. After the water has passed through the power plant's two Francis turbines, it continues through a four-kilometre-long outlet tunnel with a cross section of 45 square metres, before being discharged into the Barduelva River.