Suldal II

Suldal II power plant is located in the village of Nesflaten in Suldal Municipality, Rogaland County.

Ownership: 4.79 %
Production: 652 GWh
Power: 155 MW

The power plant was commissioned in 1967 and was partially rebuilt and modified in 1971.

Suldal I and Suldal II are the two lowest power plants in the Røldal-Suldal system, which was originally developed in the 1960s to secure power for Hydro's aluminium production in Karmøy.

The Røldal-Suldal facility currently includes the power plants Kvanndal, Middyr, Novle, Røldal, Svandalsflona, Suldal I and Suldal II, plus Vasstøl.

Suldal II receives water from Kvanndalsfoss waterfall. The height of fall is 545 metres down to the intake at the power plant beside Lake Suldalsvatnet. The power plant is equipped with two Francis turbines with a total installed capacity of 155 MW and an annual average production of 652 GWh.

Norsk Hydro is the operator of Suldal II power plant and responsible for daily operation.