Svorka power plant is located in Surnadal Municipality in Møre og Romsdal County.

Ownership: 50 %
Production: 111 GWh
Power: 25 MW

The power plant uses a height of fall of 260 metres from the intake reservoir Lake Langvatn to the Bævra River. Operation of the power plant regulates the water flow in the Svorka River.

The intake reservoir Lake Langvatn is regulated between 274 and 276 metres above sea level. Lake Bævervatn is also a reservoir for the power plant, and is regulated between 343 and 333 metres above sea level. In addition, Lake Solåsvatnet and Lake Geitøyvatnet are regulated between 336 and 331 metres above sea level, and Lake Andersvatnet between 305 and 294 metres above sea level.

Svorka power plant is built on open ground and was commissioned in 1963. It is an unmanned plant and is equipped with a Francis turbine with an installed capacity of 25 MW.

Statkraft is the plant operator, but shares ownership of the plant with Svorka Energi AS.