Tokke power plant is located in Tokke Municipality in Telemark County.

Ownership: 100 %
Production: 2140 GWh
Power: 430 MW

The first generating unit at Tokke was commissioned in 1961. The water travels through a 17-kilometre-long tunnel from Lake Vinjevatn to the outlet in Lake Bandak. The second, third and fourth generating units at Tokke were commissioned in 1962.

When it was built, Tokke was the largest power plant in Norway. The Tokke operations centre was also the first in Statkraft where several power plants were controlled from the same place.

Tokke power plant has an installed capacity of 430 MW, from the four generating units. All four have Francis turbines.

With its distinctive architecture, location and technical solutions, Tokke power plant has several features that are proposed to be protected under Statkraft's conservation plan. These include the crane building, reception building and the operating centre referred to above.