Tønsberg District Heating

The city of Tønsberg is supplied with heat from Kilen district heating plant on Slagenveien in Tønsberg Municipality, Vestfold County.

Ownership: Statkraft is an indirect owner of this plant through its ownership in Skagerak Energi AS
Production: 37 GWh
Power: 25 MW

The plant was commissioned in December 2012 and replaced the heating plant at Kaldnes in Nøtterøy Municipality.

Kilen district heating plant has one 5 MW and one 10 MW biofuel boiler using woodchips. The plant also has three 10 MW biofuel boilers for peak and reserve capacity which can run on biogas, natural gas and biofuel. As a result they are referred to as combi boilers.

The plant's customers include public organizations and private businesses, as well as residential complexes. The district heating is used to provide heat and hot water to a number of buildings in Tønsberg.

Plans call for this plant to be expanded and when fully operational it will produce around 70 GWh in 2025.

The plant is operated by Skagerak Varme AS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Skagerak Energi AS.