Harstad District Heating

Statkraft Varme has a licence to supply district heating in Harstad Municipality, Troms County.

Ownership: 100%
Production 2015: 39 GWh
Power: 24.5 MW

With local woodchips as its main energy source, the district heating plant at Hjellholmen delivers environmentally-friendly heat to public and private customers. Two gas boilers are installed to provide reserve capacity.

The plant has a capacity of well over 24 MW from an 8.5 MW Jernforsen bio boiler fired with woodchips, and two 16 MW Danstoker gas boilers fired with propane gas.

Eighteen kilometres of heating pipes have been installed to distribute district heating in Harstad. Over 70 buildings are connected to the district heating network, with the hospital as the largest customer. The network also serves schools, Grottebadet water park, Harstadhallen sport centre, hotels, the cultural centre, industrial buildings and a number of houses.

The plant was built in 2011 and commissioned in 2012 at a cost of NOK 200 million.