Håvardsvatn power plant in a winter setting. (Photo: Jan Lauritsen)

Håvardsvatn power plant is located in Odda Municipality in Hordaland County.

Ownership: 100 %
Production: 20 GWh
Power: 5 MW

The power plant has a 5 MW generating unit equipped with a Francis turbine that produces about 20 GWh of power annually.

The power plant uses a height of fall of 70 metres and is located in the diversion tunnel between Lake Håvardsvatn and Lake Nibbehølen which is the intake reservoir for Tysso II power plant.

The power plant was built by AS Tyssefaldene in connection with the leasing contract for Tysso II and was commissioned in 2006. Statkraft purchased the plant from AS Tyssefaldene in January 2015.